David Tobocman’s Music for Kids


“Sweetly offbeat”

- Miles McDonnell, You Know, for Kids

“Easily one of the best children’s albums of the year”

- Phil Corless, A Family Runs through It

“Focuses on kid music themes while taking special care to craft songs for adults who still love the musical tapestries of their own childhoods.”

- Jeff Bogle, Out With the Kids

“Bucks the current trend of harder-edged kids’ music in favor of tuneful melodies and sweet, memorable songs.”

- Nick Deysher, Singin’ in the Bathtub

“Hilarious and playful, Tobocman’s songwriting resounds with life truths in a way that little ears and parents will understand and enjoy.”

- Meg Wilson, Muses of Megret

“One of those sweet lil’ records that come out of nowhere and is one of the best children’s albums I’ve heard in a long time.”

- Jeff Bogle, Out With the Kids

“Great old-school kids' album... nice arrangements, ear-catching melodies. ‘Home’ could be a song Paul Simon forgot to record!”

- Warren Truitt, Children’s Music that Rocks

“That's ‘Home’ by David Tobocman. He doesn't know it yet, but he just launched a long and prestigious career writing and performing children's music. His first CD, ‘I Count to Ten and Other Very Helpful Songs’ is worth a serious look.”

- Andrew Jones, Thingamababy

“More than half a year after I first heard it, I'm still moved by ‘Home,’ easily one of the top kids music tracks of the year... David Tobocman's I Count to Ten and other Very Helpful Songs is a solid little album... Recommended.”

- Stefan Shepherd, Zooglobble

Lemonade School


I Count to Ten and other Very Helpful Songs


please visit the Very Helpful Songs website for more infohttp://www.veryhelpfulsongs.com/VeryHelpfulSongs/Welcome.html


coming fall 2012

David’s third album for children is packed with high-energy songs about the excitement of growing up. Rocking and straightforward with an emphasis on movement, Escalator is infused with a “let’s go” spirit and true sense of fun. There’s a song about a young race car that dreams of hitting the open road and a family camper that can travel through space. All through Escalator, David presents the theme of striving and advancing, urging kids onto life’s great adventure, to “move on up” with optimism and spirit up the great big escalator and “if you’re going down, then use the stairs.”